1 Hour of the Cutest Canine | Humorous Pet Movies


Hiya! We made it to the top of the yr and FPV delivers a model new video to finish it off with the1 hour of the very best canine and pet …



  1. Some of these people are horrible pet owners. That lady dangling the puppy by his front baby teeth is a jerk. The guy with the obviously too young pug puppy whose trying to suckle in his sleep. Ugh and for Pete's sakes break off a piece of banana for the dog

  2. Please don't make hands and clothing "toys". Hands are for helping, not to attack or be attacked by. Clothing is a hair away from flesh so a bite might be a hair off and goodness knows you don't want the dog or cat to bite a child or an elderly person. They might not mean to but it is this type of "innocent" training that can lead to misunderstandings and possible law suits. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. PSA for dog parents who have slippery stairs: you can buy carpet treads (please do!) They're affordable, they look really nice, and your dogs will be much happier and safer going up and down the stairs.
    My heart broke for the pup at 6:20 but the woman taking the video sounded oblivious so I hope this suggestion is helpful.

  4. Thank you for making me happy πŸ™‚ my dog is at daycare and they promised that they would give me dog back but they did not but i am waiting because they will drop him πŸ™‚ thank you soo much for making me happy God Bless you πŸ˜‰

  5. It's a shame and sad to see over weight dogs. It tells me the owners are fat and lazy. It's really a type of abuse. By the way, animals hurting themselves is not funny. If you do find a dog slamming its head into a hard surface amusing your'e most likely a sadistic abusive person and shouldn't own a pet. Thumbs Down!

  6. so many cut tail and ears =( again and again … when u stop that ? the pets dont have to be like this … corgies without tails r ugly because u made them like that … ugly … and the cut ears r ugly and even more ugly if they had to go through both …. plz that must stop …. the poor pets , they make them all ugly and its painful for the poor cuties =( im sad cuz i still MUST SEE THAT … and u all like that … cruel it is

  7. Between my husband and myself we have rescued at least 12 dogs. We would never think of purchasing a dog from a breeder. Especially when it cpmes to getting an older dog. They often don't get thecattention they deserve. They've almost always been housebroken and are so very happy for everything you give them!!

  8. Funny Seeing The Cat, Smelling And The Having Their Taste Of Pepoerment, OR whatever Taste On The Toothbrushes And Sooh Many Of These Countless Videos. I'm Not Disqualifying Any Of Them, But, I DID Watch And Enjoyed AS Much As I Could. CoCo

  9. Your Dog Was On A Mission, Sooh He Was Traveling, And Decided, That It Was Just As Easy Too Eat His Food Elsewhere, Cuz He's A Traveling Gypsie Man!! HA HA, A YAW!!!!!! Answer To Your Question?? Does Anyone Else's Dog Do This?? He Could Have Just Ate It In The Original Homesteaders!!!!!! Keep It Fun. CoCo


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