Humorous Animal Movies that Make Me Burst Into Tears Laughing πŸ˜‚ (CUTE)


Try extra of the cutest Pets on Tik Tok: …



  1. Hello guys :] Back at it again with another funny/cute compilation!! Really hope the video makes you laugh and if it did make sure to let me know which clip did it ;] Appreciation goes out to everyone who hits the like button on these videos and SUBSCRIBE for more!

    – Mr Mouse

  2. People that abandon kittens or puppies should be jailed. I rescued a kitten once that way. I overheard a coworker tell his wife on the phone that he was going to dump their 10 week old kitten in the park because "cats can fend for themselves". Yeah, no. I followed him home, banged on his door and took his kitten. He didn't talk to me much at work after that but I had a great cat for 17 years. I think I won that. πŸ™‚

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