Strive Not To Giggle At This Final Humorous Canine Video Compilation | Humorous Pet Movies


Model new weekly theme compilation the place we problem you to Strive Not To Giggle at these Humorous Canines. Humorous Pet Movies brings …



  1. If you don't get a kick out of watching dogs be hilarious, then I question your humanity!

    But in some of these cases I am very concerned for the dogs, and in at least one case around 3:50 (and also around 11:20) I was pretty concerned for a kid. Some examples of what not to do in here. Also lots of good clips too though. That's the thing with animal videos. They are great when they're good, but there is almost always something bad in these montages too. Good to get an example of that sometimes but I don't know if it is "funny" in the same way.


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